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The days of spreadsheeting rates to find the next lowest price are long gone.  Truth is, health insurance is the most expensive yet necessary benefit in an employer benefits package.  Even with the least attractive bronze level package, your costs are high.  And, regardless of the laws and regulations, employee benefits centered around health insurance is still one of the best ways to attract and retain your most desired employees.

Here at Qandun, we work only with employers that can see employee benefits as a profit center vs a cost center.   We do not spreadsheet rates.  We do not slap in the “cheapest” plans.  We meticulously match an employee benefits program to an employers desired outcomes and to be competitive in their industry at attracting the best, most loyal and productive employees.  We step employers through our proprietary process from learning about their business, to developing strategic, effective solutions up through implementation and ongoing support.

We combine this process with our signature suite of insurance solutions in ways that reduce other business spending (taxes, workers comp, training, law suits, etc).  In addition we bring in a suite of compliance solutions, inoculating your business from fears of Department of Labor and IRS audit outcomes.  We build selected benefits and compliance disclosures and other employee communications into integrated systems for managing HR Data, Benefits Enrollment, Certified HR Support, Payroll Integration and a top notch Employee Wellness platform.  This combination of robust, complete benefits, integrated compliance data and systems makes it possible to produce employee Total Compensation Statements that ensure your employees are looking at your complete compensation package, not just their base salary and bonuses when they are approached by other job opportunities.

Qandun maintains relationship with vetted professionals in other areas of expertise (legal, financial, property/casualty insurance, accounting and others).  When you need a trusted resource, we have a solid referral for you.

If you would like to experience Qandun Complete, take our initial assessment to see if there is an intersection between your business needs and our capabilities to turn your employee benefits into a profit center.

If you would like to see if your company has a need that we can address.  Find out if we are a match by clicking the button to take the survey.

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Options for individuals and families can still affordable.  Get expert advice and guidance from our team.  See if you qualify for Medi-Cal or CoveredCA tax subsidy to help pay for premiums.  Take our IFP/Medicare survey and we will review your situation and contact you and let you know if you are better in your current situation or whether we can improve your coverages.

If you are or are soon to be a Medicare beneficiary, Medicare can be complicated and overwhelming.  Every insurance company wants your business.  We know your doctors and your prescriptions are a priority and always take them into account with helping you find the plan that matches your lifestyle.  Please take the survey and we will be in touch.

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Why Choose Qandun?

We keep our relationships with our clients personal without taking anything personally.  Being available and following through has no viable substitute.
At Qandun we have the CAN-DO attitude.  Where there’s a will, there’s a way.  You can bet we will go to every length to find solutions and resolve concerns beyond your expectations.
We take a holistic approach to your benefits and coverage.  Even the lowest priced plans are expensive.  We are of the mindset that it’s better to pay a bit more and have coverage that works for you and your business vs a slightly cheaper plan that is simply a money pit with very little advantage and no real match to your true needs.
Before suggesting any solutions, we get to know our clients, their goals, their challenges and their culture.  We then seek out solutions that comprehensively address their current situation as a whole.  We take time to educate our clients on why our recommended solutions address their core concerns.  We don’t stop there.  We then ensure your solution is implemented and provide support throughout the year and during the annual renewal cycle, starting the process again to ensure the solutions worked and whether changes are needed to address new life or business concerns.  In the end you will be COOL, CALM, COLLECTED & CONNECTED.
Both business and, now, individuals and families have tax penalties and fees to be concerned about.  We ensure you are properly covered and, for businesses, ensure their various compliance and communication requirements are fully addressed so everyone can remain “COOL” under regulatory pressure when audits arrive.
No one likes paying for insurance yet when we get hit with a major expense and insurance comes to the rescue, we are relieved we have it in place.  We make sure you have the proper mix of insurance so you can remain “CALM” when those catastrophic expenses hit.
We are your one stop shop.  Although our office specializes in health insurance and employee benefits and related insurance and services, we have a “COLLECTION” of vetted other trusted advisors that work in partnership with Qandun.  You can use us to find help with HR information systems (HRIS), HR compliance guidance, business insurance, workers compensation, legal, financial, life insurance and much more.  Before going anywhere else, just ask Qandun first.  Anything CAN be DONE with Qandun.
Time is our most valuable resource and it cannot be replenished.  At Qandun we respect our client’s time.  When we save you time, we save time and everyone lives a fuller life, using their time for other valuable activities.  We leverage as much technology as possible, taking advantage of integrations where possible to reduce transaction time, reduce duplicate data entry and errors.  We continue to push insurance companies and administrators to improve their systems and integrations as we seek streamlined processes all along the way.  

What Current Clients Say (click REVIEWS for more)

We are extremely happy with the service we have received. Rudy has kept our interests “front and center” and we have been able to offer our employees increasingly better benefits at a reasonable cost. This makes us more competitive in our recruiting of the best employees and makes retention of our current employees easier. In addition, Rudy is always knowlegeable about all of the latest information and can explain the most complex benefits to our employees in a way that makes them more savvy consumers.
Neal Wrightson, Executive Director, Childrens Community School, Van Nuys, CA
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