Rudy R Garcia, Trusted Advisor

Get to Know Your Personal Trusted Broker, Agent, Advisor:

Rudy R. Garcia, CA Lic#0C16741

Rudy Tan Polo Casual PopRudy has a varied yet humbling history.  Native born in Napa, California and raised in Washington State, he spent most of his life on the west coast of the United States.  His last name reveals that he has a latino heritage but very few people know that he also has Northern European blood from his mother’s side.  At age eighteen, he joined the US Navy for a four year tour of duty.  Following that, he spent about two years in Seattle Washington then returned to California in 1994 and has remained in California since.

In 1995, Rudy began his career in health insurance with Kaiser Permanente and spent nearly 17 years working with large and small businesses, brokers, other healthcare professionals and learning the ins and outs of how the entire health care system functions.  In early 2012, he decided that he could do more for his clients and his own family by working on an independent basis.

Mixed into the past 17 years Rudy has been a flight attendant, systems consultant and independent contractor along the way.  He is passionate about the work he does and leaves no stone unturned when helping clients formulate solutions.  A brief bout with a brain tumor in 2001 further solidified Rudy’s commitment to health, prevention of disease and proper health insurance coverage for protection from the unexpected.

On a final note, Rudy has a passion for volunteer travel and is currently developing a non-profit foundation that will encourage more local volunteering in the USA that will earn volunteers scholarships to participate in volunteer travel around the world, opening up the world to those who may have never had the opportunity to see the world and contribute to the beauty of humanity and our precious planet.


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