Case Study – Desert AIDS Project

Non-Profit Medical Services
170 employees
Palm Springs Market

Desert AIDS Project is the premier non-profit employer in Palm Springs and is an icon of the community
for all the good they do. They were stuck in a United Healthcare program through an association that did
not meet their needs. Employees did not like UHC all that much and their entire package of benefits was
so so in terms of value to the employees. They had tried for years to get alternative carrier options to no
avail. Most carriers did not want to work with a medical service provider organization since they tend to
be high risk, high claim types of employers. The company had a very generous contribution for
employees yet could not land a decent package to make the dollars go further for each employee.

Desert Aids Project, Palm Springs

DAP needed a carrier option that reduced the medical spend, improved employee outlook on value of
care available and included robust voluntary benefit options that employees valued.

Qandun suggested we take the client to bid with all major carriers, using strategies that let the medical
insurance carrier know that risk was mitigated by other comprehensive benefits. In the end, one of the
premier carriers in California proposed an aggressively priced bid on medical that was not only a win for
DAP but also for the employees, most of which loved the carrier in question. In addition, we revamped
dental, vision, life, disability, accident and other supplemental insurance options. We paired these
improvements with an aggressive employee engagement strategy and integrated system solutions that
eased workload on HR.

Employees of DAP were pleased with the 4 levels of medical options which included 3 HMO plans and
one PPO plan, dental HMO & PPO, vision coverage, telemedicine, accident, life and long term disability,
spending less than they had for the UHC program. They have enjoyed this program so much, they are in
their 3rd year on the same package with a 2% increase in 2016 and a 1% decrease in 2017.

We continue to monitor this employer’s needs and will make strategy adjustments in benefits to work well
with the company goals year after year.