Medicare – Qandun Chrome

Medicare is it’s own animal and Qandun is certified to represent all products that fall within the Medicare realm:

A – Coverage for Hospital/Inpatient Care (Most people are auto enrolled at age 65)

B – Coverage for Doctor Office/Outpatient and related care. (You must opt into buying this part voluntarily but could be subject to a penalty later on if you opt out.)

C – Coverage known as Medicare Advantage.  This allows persons with A & B coverage to trade their Original Medicare coverage for a fully insurance health insurance plan that covers everything that Medicare Original coverage and usually much more (ie lower copays, eye care, dental etc.) and usually at a $0 premium.

D – Coverage for Drugs. (You have the option to buy a Medicare Advantage plan that has drug coverage built in or buy a stand alone drug program.  If you opt out of doing either, you may be subject to a penalty later on.)

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Similar to Having PPO Coverage but with no cap on your risk for paying for care. You can have Part A only or A & B or A & B and buy a drug plan for part D.

Still operates like a PPO plan. Fills most of the costs you would share if you had only Original Medicare but the costs for these plans range from nearly $200 per month and up depending on age. You must have parts A & B to buy a supplemental gap policy and you will still need to buy a drug plan to obtain your part D benefits.

Operates more like an HMO and takes the place of your Original Medicare and Part D Drug. You must have parts A & B to enroll and typically have no monthly premium, low or no copays with caps on your annual risk for out of pocket expenses.

Plans that fulfill your need and requirement to have drug coverage when you are not participating in a Medicare Advantage plan.

In some areas you will have other plan options, but these listed above are the most common. Contact us today if you are withing 6 months of turning age 65, withing 6 months of being on permanent disability with Social Security for 2 years or if you are already 65 or older.

We can step you easily through the process of finding the best way to make you Medicare benefits match your needs and work for you.

Ancillary Insurance and Services (Dental, Vision, Hearing, Gym Memberships)